Dr Deborah Sykes recommends you have your first orthodontic examination at about 8 years of age.

At this age as the baby teeth start to fall out and the adult teeth start erupting into the mouth. At this age, Dr Deborah Sykes can check if early orthodontic problems are developing. This is done with the help of some x-rays. Planning orthodontic treatment early can help you afford a beautiful smile.

Orthodontic treatment can be started early with removable plates or early braces. Removable plates or appliances can correct minor tooth irregularities and also jaw relationships, and reduce the bite problems later.

Malocclusions and bite problems can be corrected as kids grow so don’t wait until all the adult teeth are in the mouth before you have your first orthodontic examination. Dr Deborah Sykes will recommend the best time to start an orthodontic treatment depending on the problem.

‘Colourful’ braces are popular amongst young patients and teenagers. The colours are little elastics that fasten the wire to the brace on the teeth. Colours can be changed at orthodontic visits so they look great and are fun. Orthodontic braces can also be plain or clear. The choice is yours!

‘Clear’ braces or ‘Adult’ braces are made of porcelain. Clear templates can also be used for more discreet orthodontic treatment.  A popular method and brand name is ‘Invisalign’. These clear templates will straighten teeth by putting selective pressure on teeth to move them into a straighter position in the mouth.

There are lots of orthodontic problems and the best way to find out what is best for you and your teeth is see a Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Deborah Sykes.

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