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Dr Deborah Sykes Orthodontist

Dr Deborah Sykes Orthodontist

Dr Deborah Sykes is a specialist Orthodontist and Children’s Dentist.

With both qualifications, she is able to provide you with a very professional and qualified opinion about orthodontics and your smile.

Dr Deborah Sykes has two orthodontic practices.  Ballarat Braces’  is located at 1424 Sturt Street, Ballarat, opposite St Patrick’s College.

Both Ballarat Braces and Surfcoast Orthodontics are supported by well trained and qualified staff who will look after your orthodontic needs.

Dr Deborah Sykes is registered with the Dental Board of Victoria, The Australian Dental Association, The Australian Orthodontic Society, World Federation of Orthodontists. Dr Deborah Sykes is a ‘Give a Smile” Orthodontist treating needy patients for free.

Dr Deborah Sykes is a member of The Rotary Club of Ballarat, previously held positions as a Board Member for Rotary, currently a Board Member of Ballarat Regional Industries, helping handicapped people to be engaged in the community, and sponsor of cancer charities as well as other charities in Torquay and Ballarat.

Dr Deborah Sykes looks forward to seeing you soon for specialist orthodontic care.

Call now on 53319489 for an appointment to have that beautiful smile that you have always wanted and deserve!