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    Straight teeth and a beautiful smile makes you look and feel great!

    Dr Deborah Sykes, Specialist Orthodontist cares about your teeth and can make your smile beautifully straight!

    Whether you are a young patient, teenager, young adult or an older patient, orthodontics can improve your smile and occlusion. Specialist Orthodontist Dr Deborah Sykes can advise you about orthodontic treatment.

    Orthodontic problems include:

    Crowded or overlapping teeth, protruding teeth, reverse or deep bite, open bite, cross bite, missing teeth, thumb or finger sucking, difficulty chewing or biting, speech problems, jaw problems, retained baby teeth and unerupted adult teeth.

    There are lots of orthodontic malocclusions and the best way to find out what is best for you and your teeth is to have Specialist Orthodontist Dr Deborah Sykes assess your orthodontic problem.

    Call now on 53319489 for a Specialist Orthodontist appointment to have that beautiful smile that you have always wanted and deserve!



    Your first visit


    Before you come to see the orthodontist, Dr Deborah Sykes, you may have some questions you would like answered about your first visit. Why have I been referred to the orthodontist? Your dentist would like specialist advice about the position of your teeth. Dr Deborah Sykes will advise whether you would benefit from orthodontic treatment.  [...]

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    Braces and Colours


    Dr Deborah Sykes may have recommended fixed braces to straighten your teeth so you can have a beautiful smile! For your orthodontic treatment to work well and in the shortest possible time, it is important you take care of your teeth and braces. What will braces look like? There are several different types of braces [...]

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    Adult Braces


    If you are thinking of having orthodontic treatment as an adult, you may have some questions you would like answered first. Why might I need orthodontic treatment? Common reasons for having orthodontic treatment are: To improve the appearance of the teeth and face.  Perhaps your teeth have become more crowded with age or have started [...]

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    Invisible Braces


    Dr Deborah Sykes, Specialist Orthodontist, provides Invisible Braces and is a registered ‘Invisalign’ doctor provider.

    Having beautiful, straight teeth can lift your confidence and boost your self-esteem, but sometimes the idea of having traditional clear or metal braces can delay your decision to have that beautiful smile.

    Orthodontist Dr Deborah Sykes, can transform your smile with Invisible Braces.

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    Removable Plates


    Dr Deborah Sykes may have recommended you wear a removable plate to straighten your teeth. Removable plates are often used to straighten teeth as they are growing especially if you do not have all your adult teeth yet. A removable plate can help the teeth and jaws develop better as you are growing, and help [...]

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    Jaw Correctors


    Orthodontics isn’t just about straight teeth. Jaws can sometimes not match and look wrong in your face, and hence your teeth don’t fit together properly. For example, the bottom jaw is too far back and makes your top teeth look too far forward or ‘bucky’.

    Jaw correctors, or functional appliances, can change the fit of your jaws in most cases but this depends on your age and your treatment needs.
    There are removable/ functional jaw correctors or fixed bite correctors.

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